Pieter Bonnema

Project lead @ 't Heerlens Heitje

Pieter Bonnema is the initiator and project leader of one of the most innovative public projects; 't Heerlens Heitje. A blockchain related project where citizens are given the opportunity to do public tasks and are rewarded with a local digital token. Let's say, a bob a job in the year 2021.

Pieter has been familiar with blockchain technology for almost 10 years, recognized its great advantages and has always tried to incorporate it into the public sector. There are many theoretical possibilities within the (government) services, but to achieve an actual implementation many challenges need to be overcome.

09:05 - 09:17

Day 1 June 24

Heerlens Heitje

11:55 - 12:25

Day 1 June 24

NL Blockchain Hubs